Ignore your health, and it will go away!

It's Your Choice!

As a result of your accident, you may be feeling confused in addition to being in pain. New PIP laws require that you seek the care of a physician within 2 weeks of your accident. After that 2 weeks, the insurance company is no longer obligated to address your injuries. For safety's sake - get checked out within the required time frame to protect yourself from future medical problems should which may arise as a result of your accident. 

In the state of Florida you are covered by PIP insurance regardless of which driver is at fault.   Your PIP coverage also covers any passengers in your vehicle. Your PIP coverage will pay for a percentage of medical bills, lost wages, out of pocket prescriptions, and mileage to and from your appointments. You have the right to choose ANY doctor you wish. 

Please call our office about any of your insurance questions or concerns and we will be glad to assist you.